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My name is Armando Uribe and I started UTR as an informal portfolio back in 2008. Making the simple and entertaining videos you see on my site is what I felt I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I began my college career studying as a post-production major, when a curve-ball hit me. You see, the videos I uploaded on my site weren’t as structured as others said they needed to be. These videos were a way for me to communicate and express myself in ways that I couldn’t on a daily basis and after my first two years in college, I found myself hating what I was doing. It was hard for me to take something that came out of my creativity and structure it to be a detailed work piece. Between my sophomore and junior year, I took a marketing internship where one of my responsibilities was to help create YouTube channels for professional companies to use. These YouTube channels developed not only into a revenue stream, but it also enabled the company to better explain their products and services. I worked tirelessly to convince myself that all I needed was more time to fall in love with what I was doing. Fortunately, It didn’t take long to find the niche that I stuck to. Now, I am a senior at UCSD studying Economics and Management Sciences (with a focus on finance) while maintaining this channel and applying everything I’ve learned through education and my previous workplace experience.


I joined with Armando in 2008 first as a music collaboration. After a short time however, we acknowledged our mutual interest in creating Youtube comedy sketch videos and started to make these videos as a pastime hobby. Music holds the most precedence to me but I came to find that making these videos was a fun way to express some of my own humor, while at the same time vibing off of Armando’s ideas to create something that was entertaining from start to finish. Currently, I’m going to the Art Institute of San Diego to pursue a bachelors in audio production. Despite only being in my first quarter, I’ve come to learn that music is ubiquitous, and I can apply the skills I’m learning to not only my own musical aspirations, but also to contribute to our YouTube channel. I would like to continue the implementation of my own talents, and with the ever-rising skills of both Armando and I, I hope to see an exponential growth in our channel.


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